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What is Kajabi? – With Guest Erika Friday

What is Kajabi? – With Guest Erika Friday

What is Kajabi? Kajabi is an all-in-one software platform that’s perfect for a mom who’s starting her own business. Instead of having to purchase and learn a bunch of different systems, with Kajabi it’s all in one place and very easy to use. This is REALLY nice because I know you’re so busy with your home life and kids!

what is kajabi

So, what is Kajabi?

Here are 8 things you can do in Kajabi for your online business:

1. Website
All Kajabi plans include your own website! You can get it up and running quickly and easily. If you’d like to see some examples of Kajabi websites, please check out my Pinterest board of Kajabi sites here, paying special attention to the section called Kajabi Creative & Feminine.

2. Blog, Vlog, or Podcast
Kajabi also includes the ability to have a blog. For those moms who don’t love to write, you could instead use the blog as a “vlog” (video blog) or even a podcast “blog” where you share your videos, podcasts, or audios along with perhaps some show notes, a transcript, etc. You can embed audio and video right into ‘blog’ posts in Kajabi with a player customized to your website colors.

3. Landing Pages
You’ll need landing pages for a lot of things in your online business – for example, sales pages for your products or services. Kajabi includes unlimited landing pages so they’ve got you covered no matter how many you end up needing over time.

4. Email Marketing and Opt-In Forms
As soon as you start your online business, you’ll want to start your mailing list. Basically, that means you’ll put a few “opt-in” forms around your site, blog, and social media channels – you know, those boxes where you enter your name and email address to receive someone’s newsletter and sometimes a free gift? Kajabi includes opt-in forms and e-mail newsletters. (Kajabi will store and deliver your freebie as well!).

5. Payment/Shopping Cart
One of my biggest frustrations before I started using Kajabi was figuring out how to collect payments and have a shopping cart on my website. Putting a little PayPal button seemed the only easy option and I just didn’t like the look of it (plus, never been a huge PayPal fan, lol). But with Kajabi, you can use PayPal OR Stripe and they have a fancy-dancy payment checkout included! It’s seamless and looks so professional.

6. Digital Products
Selling digital products is a breeze with Kajabi. This would include things like online courses, a paid membership, digital downloads (cheatsheets, menu plans, chore charts, etc.), or e-books. You can sell these items as Products or Offers, individually or bundle them in any configuration you like. Kajabi is really flexible in that respect.

7. Physical Products
If you sell physical products, Kajabi integrates with Shopify Lite for another beautiful selling process for your customers. You can have pretty little “Buy Now” or “Details Here” buttons in Kajabi that lead to your Shopify items. You can design it so it looks like it’s all on your Kajabi site. That’s important to customers who often don’t want to leave your site to make a purchase.

8. Services
When I joined Kajabi in 2016, it was to sell my virtual assistant services. Instead of using a Kajabi “Product” (like you’d use to sell a course), you can use a Kajabi “Offer” and sell things like an hour of your services, a coaching package, a VA package, etc. You can even embed free scheduling tools like Acuity right into your Kajabi site! So when someone visits your Kajabi site, they can learn all about you, purchase your service, and schedule their first call with you … all from the same place: KAJABI. And it’s all happening “hands-off” while you play with your kids at the park.

As you can see, Kajabi virtually does it all! Can you see why I’m in love with it? It has so many features all in one place (I didn’t even list them all; there’s more!) that it couldn’t be more convenient for busy moms starting and running their businesses. As a busy working mom myself, that’s the main reason I chose Kajabi. It’s simplified and so easy to DIY, even if you’re quite new to online business.

I say give Kajabi a chance, mama. What have you got to lose? They have a 28-day free trial (if you use my affiliate link* here), free training courses once you sign up, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you pay and then decide it’s not for you. You also have MY support because I believe in the company wholeheartedly and what Kajabi can do for your business and your family. I’m so grateful Stacy has allowed me the chance to share it with you. If you sign-up by 03-31-19, you can get an extra special deal here* with their “2X Impact” plan. Get twice as many Products, Marketing Funnels, Contacts, Active Members & Websites for the same price as a normal Growth plan!

Please contact me any time with questions and I’ll get right back to you! erika@erikafriday.com or via the Contact page on my website at ErikaFriday.com.

*Affiliate links: If you click the link and end up purchasing a Kajabi plan, I may receive a commission for having referred you.

Bio: Erika Friday is THE Kajabi Resource for Female Creative Entrepreneurs. Her site at ErikaFriday.com includes her done-for-you or done-with-you Kajabi set-up services and a blog full of helpful Kajabi tips and info! She’s a mom from California powered by latte’s and beach days.

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