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You want to make money online but don’t know where to start.

You want to contribute financially but feel stuck.

You want more family time and to take a load off your husband. 

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What is the MMMC VIP membership all about?

I am so glad that you asked!

The Money Making Momma Club VIP Membership gives you an awesome value packed resource that you can keep in your back pocket! Literally! If you have Facebook on your cell phone you will have access to the exclusive VIP members only Facebook Group at the tip of your fingers tips! Money Making Momma Club VIP Members will have 24/7 access to all sorts of goodies, freebies, and videos from me and other experts sharing about their business.

Join the #MMMCVIP Membership for less than you spend on fast food each month. This value packed membership will give you more one on one interaction with me as well as weekly Q&A sessions in the #MMMCVIP Facebook group that comes with the membership!

The exclusive VIP Facebook group gives members access to specialized help from me and accountability to move forward in their business.

The action happens in the Facebook group! VIP members only videos, worksheets, and other content are delivered in the exclusive VIP Facebook group.

When you become a VIP you get an automatic support group of other Mommas who will be cheering you on as well as all of the other VIP perks!!! 

What are the other VIP perks?

  • Weekly Q&A where you can ask ANYTHING pertaining to being a mom running a business!
  • ALL new MMMC printables are available to VIPs FIRST!
  • Monthly Challenges  (Kicking off January 2018)
  • Worksheets that go along with each month’s challenge
  • Monthly action steps checklist to keep you moving forward
  • VIPS get an inside look and previews of all future eCourses
  • And more!

You Will Learn: 

  • How to get clients and customers
  • How to create and grow your own Facebook group
  • How to create Social Media Graphics
  • When the best time to post on Social Media
  • Where to post on Social Media
  • How to price your products/services so you make a profit
  • And more!

Get all of this for less than you spend on fast food or coffee every month!

money making momma

ABOUT ME: I am a mom who wanted to contribute to our family finances while also being at home with our kids. I now do this using several online income streams I created.

I also help others get past the questions and self doubt by helping them face their fears and get things done so they can get started being a Money Making Momma!


Ailie Baumann – Christian Life Coach

With insight on online business and websites, Stacy provides a listening ear and relevant advice to each dilemma I have faced. Stacy pushes you past your comfort zones and challenges you to think outside the box. She is amazing, creative, and friendly. The help I’ve gotten from Stacy has been invaluable.

Ailie Baumann - Christian Life Coach

Kizzy Cooke Belkermi

I consulted with Stacy to brainstorm ideas on how to bring exposure to my business as well as how to add additional streams of income. From the moment we started talking, Stacy had terrific ideas that I found would be beneficial to my business goals should I implement each strategy she mentioned. Stacy was straightforward and quite knowledgeable, and I'd highly recommend her to anyone who's in need of an income stream coach. Thanks, Stacy!

Kizzy Cooke Belkermi

Colleen Mason – Lil’ Ruby Maternity Consulting

I needed someone with experience to help me organize my thoughts. Starting or growing your business can be very overwhelming but Stacy came along side me with genuine concern and encouragement. She wrote up a simple, step-by-step action plan and followed up with me the very next day. The Sneak Peek Business Intensive was exactly what I needed. If you don’t know where to start, start with Stacy. ❤️

Colleen Mason Lil’ Ruby Maternity Consulting

April King

Stacy is an excellent resource filled with creativity and encouragement! In just one session she was able to help me organize my thoughts and create the first steps to starting my own entrepreneurial adventure that will give me more financial freedom while working from home. The hardest part of any journey is figuring out which path to take but with Stacy's worksheets, brainstorming sessions, and follow-ups it is easy to start and stay on track. I had always dreamed of working for myself but never thought it was possible until now!

April King

Danna Cruzan

I highly recommend Stacy for helping you grow your business! She is amazing! Her drive and success and our 1:1 conversations have motivated me to create packages to grow my business! She is so inspiring to me with her business success and I will follow her to do the same!

Danna Cruzan

Tara Mathews

This woman. I don't know how she does it, but she seems to always make time to help others. She has helped me with ideas and images in the past. She can write great copy and blogs. She can create websites. I say this lady can do it all...and she is a mama to two! Her paid membership group and her free group are both amazing and I've had a lot of help from other money makin mommas in those groups too. More importantly, the friendships mean more to me than anything. Just real women, with real lives, wanting to create real income for themselves.

Tara Mathews

Fabiola Woerner Chamberlin

Stacy is very insightful, asks specific questions to help you brainstorm and choose a project. She is very organized, took notes on our conversation, and even gave me a detailed to-do list! It was so helpful because she saved me time, which allowed me to get right to work with my project. Thanks, Stacy!

Fabiola Woerner Chamberlin Fabi Makes and Blogger at The Bilingual Homeschooler

Angela Agranoff

Stacy helped me to brainstorm for one of my tag lines for my business! It helps to have the extra creative brain power when it comes to deciding business direction, names and more!

Angela Agranoff - The Unclutter Angel


MMMC VIP Membership



MMMC VIP Membership



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