I make money online and you can too, Momma!
How to Make Money Online FREE

How to Make Money Online FREE

Have you ever wondered how to make money online free? Let me stop your wondering. I did it and I want to tell you how.

I came to a point where I was a stay at home mom who wanted to contribute financially without putting out daughter in day care while she was very young. I searched and searched online for a “work from home” job or a job that would allow me to “telecommute.” This search left me frustrated or giving my email to companies in hopes of a legit job opportunity that usually never panned out.

I did not make a website (at first) because I was not looking to invest money right away. I was looking to make money! I created a Business Facebook page and that was a game changer.

I started thinking about “how to make money online free?”

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

I started learning about income streams and how having several of them would help me meet my goal. One of the income streams I decided I wanted was income as a Virtual Assistant. Ok, great, I decided to be a Virtual Assistant… now what?! That Is where I got stuck for awhile. Again, I tried to find work through companies online. But most were scams or took hours of testing that did not equal a job with the income I was seeking. I signed up (for free) on Upwork and Fiverr. This helped me figure out my pricing and gave me practice writing about myself and my services. However, this did not produce any clients until after I established myself as a Virtual Assistant on Facebook through my own Business Facebook Page.

I knew what skills I could offer to people and I just needed the right platform. If you need help figuring out what you want to offer people you need to try my FREE Skills Roundup Worksheet to figure out your possible income streams.

Once I figured out the services I wanted to offer I created a Business Facebook page and started promoting myself in groups. I had to get over being the newbie or not having the following others had and just post my link. And, you know what? It worked! I got clients and by the end of the first month I had made $500. You can too, Momma!

How to make money online free? The answer is simple…


Decide to become a Virtual Assistant (or a Social Media Manager, proof reader, website designer, etc.)

  1. Set up your Business Facebook page
  2. Promote yourself and your services
  3. Decide on pricing, invoice clients and, get started!



  1. Samantha Butler

    This is fabulous. Your whole website is. And I’m so inspired. I just quit my job to stay home and have been searching online just like you said for online jobs. I have a degree in English Education and I think I want to use that to either start a proofreading and essay writing assistance business or online tutoring business.

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